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You are what you eat.

You are what you eat.

We’ve heard it for years, a saying that is used to push for a healthier diet rather than a “Junk” filled diet.  When I hear this phrase I immediately think of the most recent Pediasure commercial  probably because it leaves a lasting impression of a little girl in the shape of a doughnut in my head. … Continue reading

An egg a day keeps the Doctor Away!

Ok it may not necessarily keep the doctor away, but they’re not all that bad for you!  Eggs have had a bad rap for a while now, but if we really dig down deep we’ll find that eggs are good for you and can be included as part of a well-balanced diet.  Contrary to popular belief … Continue reading

Beef the Heart Healthy Choice

In my last post I talked about the health benefits of beef.  Well its time to add to the good news! The Denver Post reported today that the American Heart Association has now listed three cuts of beef as part of its Food Certification Program!  The program is designed to help healthy consumers over the … Continue reading

I Heart Beef!

February is “I Heart Beef” month!  So we want to know why YOU heart beef? Beef is considered one of the “higher” end proteins and often times considered to “expensive” for regular consumption.  This in fact is not the whole truth.  Some form of beef in fact can be consumed on a regular basis, even … Continue reading

Meat or No Meat….Thats the question?

Meatless monday? I know its been around for a bit but, the question at hand is “Have they gone to far?” Well I can tell you my answer to that one. YES! For those of you that haven’t heard about this, meatless monday is a movement to cease the consumption of meat on monday in … Continue reading

Taking responsibility….

After reading a few articles about American obesity I was rather disturbed.  Earlier this year CBS news did a segment on American obesity and they stated; that 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese, and that childhood obesity has tripled (almost 3 of every 4 children are obese).  Another article posted on KTIC (www.kitcam.com), a … Continue reading