Things That Playing Table Tennis and Farming Have In Common

Sometimes it is really exciting to do a comparison that really looks odd. Farming and table tennis is a good example. Believe me, not, the two are quite different yet have a lot of similarities in the way things are done. This article gets into the deepest parts of farming and playing table tennis and unearths the similarities between the two.

To start with, playing table tennis requires that you have the specific tools for the game. In a similar manner, farming requires that you use specific tools to do the farming. For instance, the tools used in table tennis include a paddle that has a black and a red side. The ball in the game should be orange or white. A table is also required and there are specific measurements for each equipment used in the game. In farming, we have equipment like a tractor, a shovel, and a harvester. In each case, these tools perform specific purposes and their absence means the activity comes to a standoff.

Secondly, there are legal serves when each and every action is being carried out. Failure to following of these rules, the activity is not acceptable. For example, playing table tennis has a variety of rules that must be followed. When the game is starting, the ball must be resting in a palm that is open. Tossing of the ball must then follow such that the ball bounces on the server’s side and then the side of the opponent. In farming, the rules are as strict as in table tennis. You must acquire quality seeds from recognized sources. You must plant is a systematic way. Fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides must be applied in a way that is accepted by authorities to guarantee the product is safe for consumption. If the rules are not followed in both cases, the outcome is rejected.

Another similarity between the two aspects is in the output part. In both occasions, there will be a loser and a winner. Considering a person who strictly follows the rules of table tennis, all the scores by that player will be accepted ant that becomes the winner if the score is higher than that of the opponent. In farming, a farmer who applies the correct amount of fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, and other farming implements gets a harvest that is accepted. If someone does not follow the farming conventions, all the harvest is not safe for consumption and that is comparable to a loser in a table tennis game.
The eventual similarity of farming and playing table tennis is that a set of skills is required for each activity.

Table tennis requires that you master how to do forehand drive technique, backhand flick, forehand fast serve among others. Farming requires you to know how to have soil and market analytical skills, plant spacing skills, weed and pest control among other crucial skills. The above are just some of the similarities. There are still many others that require you to think hard and outside the box to identify them. However, if you are farming, follow those options, if you want to play table tennis, you have no choice but to go with the table tennis options. You cannot interchange the skills in the two activities.