Project Vegan

VeganAs you all probably know, I may just be the most non-vegan person on earth.  As I sit, ponder and look around my apartment; I see a cow hide rug on the floor in front of my leather couch with an additional calf hide draped over the back and two sheep pelts on a chair next to about 5 pairs of exotic cowboy boots.  Along with all of this I just sat my drink down on a hair-on-hide coaster and hung my jacket on a coat hanger that is edged with cow hide.

Now, the fact that I’m a meat scientist aside, I open my refrigerator and see milk, eggs, cheese (ok LOTS of cheese), bacon (one of life’s little treasures) and an array of meat based products.  So I think it’s safe to assume that “Vegan” is not a term that I cope well with.

With this said, this “Non-vegan” bacon loving cheese eater is going vegan for two weeks.  Yeah, you read that correctly, I’ll be going vegan for two weeks after the holidays.

I, along with my good friend Danielle Beard will be in this together.  We will be starting our vegan adventure together on January 14th with a video blog and will be blogging about our vegan adventures along the way.  You can follow her vegan adventure on her “High Heels and Shotgun Shells” blog.

What’s the point? Why go Vegan?

Just like the population of our great country, agriculture’s customers are very diverse.  Agrarians cater to omnivores, herbivores and locavores from coast to coast.  Everyone including meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans are directly affected by the Ag industry, in very different ways.

The best way to relate to something is by experiencing it firsthand.  This is why my friend, Danielle Beard and I have decided to “Go Vegan” for two weeks.  This will give us the opportunity to relate to a much larger variety of our customers.

Veganism is not just a thought process, rather a way of life.  Just as I am passionate about the Agriculture and livestock industries, vegans are equally as passionate about the life choices and sacrifices they are making.

I feel that our passions shouldn’t blind us from that of others.  I hope this experience will open my eyes to the thought processes that weigh on this portion of our customers minds on a daily basis.

Danielle and I will be tweeting and blogging about our two week adventure be sure to follow us and share your thoughts along the way.