Do Farmsteads Really Need To Have Shower Rooms?

Farming requires a good number of people. Farmsteads may have hundreds of workers on their farm. All of these workers invest lots of labor to make the farm successful. Hence, farmsteads should take care of these workers’ health. These workers might have come to the farm from a long distance. After the farm’s work, they become dirty. The sweat and the soil create different types of germs on their bodies. These terms may make them seek. So, they should clean their bodies in the farmstead.

A shower room can help these workers to clean their bodies. Apart from that, there are many beneficial aspects of shower rooms. All the bright sides of a shower room are discussed below.

Why Do Farmsteads Need Shower Rooms For Farm Workers?

1) For Hygiene

A hygienic lifestyle is good for a healthy life. Your farm’s workers should always be healthy. Otherwise, your farm’s production may not be great. Shower rooms in your farmstead can provide your workers with a hygienic lifestyle.

All your workers should clean their bodies regularly. They should use shower rooms after their works. This cleansing can make them hygienic and they won’t be prone to sickness.

2) For Relaxation

Showering is a good way to relax the human body. Every worker on your farm do lots of activities. As a result, they become tired. If your farm has a shower room, then your workers can have a shower. Moreover, it’s important for farmers to have a relaxing shower.

Furthermore, their muscle pains will also be reduced. Consequently, they can return their homes with a fresh and relaxed body.

3) For Unity

This may sound strange. But, shower rooms can help your workers to get united. There could be many workers in a big shower room. During their shower, they can gossip. These moments can make them closer. They may become a family.

This unity can make your farm’s work faster. The workers would enjoy your farm’s works. As a result, your farm’s production may increase.

Shower Room Needs For your Farmstead

1) A Big Shower Room

For all the workers and farmers you need a big shower room. You can use glass or curtains to divide this shower room. If you have women workers, then you can build a separate shower room.

2) Shower Panels

There are many types of shower panels in the market. But you can use a simple shower panel. A shower panel with a ‘rainfall’ and ‘hand-held’ option, can be a good choice. You should get this type of shower panel for your farmstead.

3) Soaps and Shampoos

You can keep some fragrant soaps and shampoos in your bathroom. It will improve the bathing experience.

4) A Mirror

Your farmers may need a mirror after their shower. Hence, you should keep a large mirror in the shower rooms.

5) Music

Music can make their shower more engaging. So, you can play good music during their shower.

6) Lights

Your indoor shower rooms must have some bright lights. Lights can make your shower rooms more attractive.

Farming is tiresome work. Shower can make your farmers re-energized. Moreover, they just don’t have to go to their homes to clean themselves. Hence, you should have a shower room in your farmstead.


Positive Effects Of Having Air Purifiers In Farmsteads

The physical health of households in farmsteads is paramount for their energy is essential in running the day to day activities of the farm. Remember, they are human and prone to infections or naturally, they may need a higher moisture content compared to the natural one. There is also the farm chemicals they spray on the crops that may affect the humidity levels. These are among the reasons why they need humidifiers in their homes. You have to take note that it is the farmers who will provide healthy foods for your children in the future. In this regard, clean air means healthy farmers. There are many health benefits of air purifier in a farmstead. Some of them include

Peaceful sleep

Have you ever slept with someone who snores? If yes, then you cannot explain the value of peaceful sleep. Scientists describe snoring as a blockage of airwaves from reaching the lungs. Most of the times are as a result of dry nostrils and pathways to the respiratory system. The sound comes as a result of contact between the dry inhaled and the surrounding one (within the respiratory system). It is believed that humidifiers increase the moisture content hence reducing the friction that produces the snore.

Maintains the most state of the hair and skin

Dry skin cracks. The first sign of a dehydrated person is the dry lips and cracked skin. A humidifier increases the amount of moisture content such that there is a state of equilibrium between the surrounding air and the body air meaning less water will be lost in the body. This maintains the moist state of the skin and hair. Even though farmers are always in a dirty environment does not mean that they neglect their health. A humidifier replaces the numerous moist oils they need yet they may affect the growth of crops especially the ones under the greenhouse.

Glowing homes

Within the home, a humidifier has a positive effect. It makes the house plans flourish just like the skin and hair. Also, in farmsteads, it is impossible to miss the plants yet they may have limited time to take good care of them.

Keeps flu at bay

Humidifiers and flu are great enemies. As long as you have a moist nose and the respiratory system by extension then you are sure that the flu virus is kept at bay.  Areas around farmsteads have extreme weather conditions that trigger the production and spread of the virus. An outbreak of flu affects production. A humidifier is a protective measure to minimize the effect of flu among the farmers and their households.

Relieves dry cough symptoms

A dry cough is irritating and worse for a farmer who handles delicate crops. Health experts have proved that a humidifier comes in handy to change the state of the cough from a dry one to a productive one. As long as it is in this stage then you are sure of a fast healing process since the bacteria are now being controlled.

Manages allergies and asthma-related illnesses

Allergies come as a result of a trigger. Dry environments are fast triggers. A humidifier is not necessary for the treatment for allergy and asthma but reduces the risk of a trigger within the environment. The above benefits are clear proof that humidifiers are must-have appliances not only for farmsteads but also for all households to take care of the extreme weather conditions.


Why Farm Owners Should Buy Pool Tables For Farms

Farming is not a job with a small heart. It is a job that involves a lot of stress and mental activity. The disappointment based on prevailing weather condition is the main cause of stress for farmers. This is the reason that another activity that will brighten their heart come in handy. The pool is a game that’s suitable for both adults and kids. When you go put farming as a group then a pool table is a game that will involve all of you. In short, it will be like a small family bonding session.

Reasons why farmers must play pool

·        It relieves anxiety and stress

·        Enhances mental acuity

·        Relaxes their body and mind

·        Allow family bonding

It is advisable for farmers to play pool in their free time. Moreover, pool tables can be multipurpose also it takes a small playing space.

Benefits of playing pool game for farmers

The benefits range from health to physical benefits whether a farmer uses mechanized agriculture or the manual way. The level of tiredness is similar. The only difference lies in the body part. Mechanized agriculture exhausts the mind while the manual one exhausts the entire body.

Enhances your level of focus

You have to be keen to hit the ball in the right direction to land in the specific hole on the opposite end. This is not a trial-and-error game. It allows you to have complete focus on the game making your mind to switch off from the underlying challenges in farming. Furthermore, farmers use this new mind skill to become tolerant and patient while waiting for a bumper harvest-remember some crops take time to mature.

Improves your cognitive logic skills

In a pool game, a loss and a win are inevitable. This constant change in your title motivates you to think about how to improve your gaming skills. The same strategy is ideal to give you a thought on what is the best way to utilize your land to improve farm productivity. You will not only focus on quantity but also the quality of the crops.

Reduces the aging process

Who wants to be old? No one because of its numerous health challenges. This is one game that a renowned player will always look younger than his age. A farmer now has two physical activities, the only difference now lies on the muscles each of them works on. While farming the leg muscles are at work while the hand muscles are dormant. In pool games, it is the opposite. In the long run, the entire body of a farmer get enough exercises which increase blood flow to the right parts. This helps to remove the old cells responsible for aging.

Creates a state of balance

You have to use your hand in the right manner to get the right shot; otherwise, you will be a perennial loser. Do you know there is also balancing in farming? When you plant a similar crop for along term the PH levels of the farm will be interfered with. That means the game ignites the balancing concept in your mind to use in embracing different farming technologies. Naturally, someone should have a pass time that makes his mind to relax and forget the usual hassles of life. It is ideal to create a state of balance and make you sober in handling various life disciplines. Farming and pool gaming are extreme activities that complement each other both in the mind and physical body.


Cleaning Hacks With Steam Mops For Farmsteads

Practicing good hygiene is crucial in farmstead to prevent contamination of vegetables and fruits with foodborne pathogens. Cleanliness as well ensures the wellbeing of the farmworkers which results in less sick days and enhanced productivity. In the farmsteads, there is relatively more dust and dirt from the farm and relatively more people frequently using the house, so keeping the floors clean can be a constantly hard task. Dirt, pesky allergens, and germs easily thrive in farmsteads and are equally troublesome to get rid of — but steam mops are a game changer.

Steam mops are in all rages nowadays with a variety of steam mops being produced to meet the increasing demand. The all-in-one device steam mops have become increasing reliable must-have device for sparkling clean farmsteads. A steam mop leaves the carpets, tiles, floors, and upholstery looking as good as new A steam mop effortlessly works by producing 90dry aDsteam that lifts dirt and grime from the surface once pressed on a surface. With the steam mop, a cleaner can quickly and conveniently touch up the floors. Steam mops that can remove that stain on tiles, carpets, floors, and upholstery that typically would be impossible to remove with a regular mop.

Steam mops have put a whole new spin of cleaning floors offering both convenience and increased hygiene. Troublesome stains and sticky residue on the floors, tiles or couches are conveniently removable with steam mops. The hustle free steam mops produce high-temperature steam that blasts out dirt from crevices and small cracks, which would normally be left behind by a regular mop. Compared to the regular mops, using the steam mops gets rid of invisible bacteria that otherwise would cause infections and contamination. Steam mops are generally hot with some models actually able to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria, hence less breading of bacteria and fungi.

The general mops require frequent trips to refill water, which is exhausting and time-consuming. With steam mops, there is no hand-wringing, smells spills rinsing and deep bending when cleaning. Steam mops leave less water after cleaning resulting to less drying time The dry floors reduce the risk of sliding while cleaning associated with the regular mop. Additionally, regular mops use detergents that normally have ingredients which not only react to some people’s skin but as well have negative ecological effects. Unique aspects of steam mops are that they do not require detergents, they are safer, cost-effective and eco-friendly

Steam mops are not without caveats. One needs to be cautious of the potential risk of electrical shock while using a wet steam mop that is plugged in. Steam mops heat up quickly, hence it shouldn’t be left idle and running as excessive steam damages flooring. It’s imperative to sweep or vacuums the floor before using a steam mop to prevent debris, dust, and link from sticking on the steam mop pad. Steam mops should only be used on surfaces that can withstand high temperatures. It’s therefore advisable not to use steam mops on laminate floors that cannot withstand high temperatures. Using steam mops on the walls causes bubbling pf peeling of paint, damaging the outlook of the walls.


Vlogging Essentials For Farming Enthusiast Vloggers

You are a vlog maker. Your main subject is farming and it’s vice-versa. Vlog’s or videos based on farming enthusiast needs the best types of equipment. Every vlog maker with success in life use some best accessories found in the market. For a successful farming enthusiast vlogger, you need to catch up on it Find your best vlogging accessories through this article.

Vlog or a video blog is the upgrade version of written blogs. In written blogs writer explain his thought through only pen and paper. It is different in video blogs. bloggers use the camera, tripod, laptop and much more technology to attain video blog.

Video blog offers you more attraction than writing content. It is the form of web source television. Video vlogs create web syndication and allow distribution of it People from all part of the world through world can watch it through multicast broadband.

Farming video vlog contains farm related educative term. Vloggers from youtube upload videos about farming and its related things. The main purpose is to share farming view and advice to increase production. Vloggers normally do this vlog with farming interest.

Vloggers with farming interest need high mentality to start vlogging. All the necessary steps to start vlogging from now,

1. Researching
2. Vlog goal mining
3. Vlogging equipment needed
4. Content building
5. Farm knowledge
6. Conclude exiting topic
7. Vlog editing
8. Video upload
9. Engage viewers
10. Take feedback

Important things to know, “Hard work is the key to success”
Farming Enthusiast Vlog: Important accessories
Vlog, before taking this step to be a vlogger with farming interest necessary accessories are required. Some research about vlog topic and equipment are needed. Camara, Microphone as audio capturer, Studion elements for lighting work, production activities and editing hardware, software are badly needed.

Top solutions to find the best camera, tripod, microphone, laptop, and monopod to start farming vlog enthusiast are given briefly.

Vlogging Essentials: Camera
A camera is the main component of your vlog. You need some best camera for better quality for your videos. Cameras with HD and 4k or 8k quality will work in this fact. Some special choice, Sony a7R II, Sony a6500, Canon 700, Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G85MK, Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II, Canon S120, GoPro Hero 5, Canon Vixia Mini, Canon PowerShot ELPH 110, Y I 4K Action Camera

Vlogging Essentials: Tripod
Tripod is three-legged stand. It is used as a platform to support the weight of a camera. It does the maintaining activity. This tripod will be strong any time. It must have the capability to handle the mass of the camera.

Here are the most recommended: Joby Gorillapod SLR-Zoom Flexible Magnus PV-3310 Photo Tripod Magnus VT-4000 Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod. It is very important that you invest in the best vlogging tripod as it can greatly affect your vlog.

Vlogging Essentials: Monopod
Here are the most recommended: Manfrotto Xpro 4 Section Aluminum Video Monopod, Black Manfrotto Lightweight Element Monopod Red Alu Manfrotto Xpro 5 Section Carbon Fiber Video Monopod

Vlogging Essentials: Laptop
Laptops are essential for editing and all work. Here are some laptops, Macbook pro-2018 Raze, Blade Pro Asus K501UW, Macbook air, Lenovo Yoga 710

All the necessary things are given. Now, it is time for you to start your farm vlogging. Grab the best ones according to your choice. Best of luck!!!


Different Kinds of Saw Farmers Were Using

Farming is a rewarding activity. It requires real-time interaction between the farmer and the business.
The actual farming operations are based on the tools that the farmer employs. For some time, saws have been an integral part of farming.

Investing in a reasonable and quality saw is important if you wish to flourish in either the big and small farming business.
Below are some of the reasons as to why farmers need saws

  • The saws are essential in clearing shrubby fields,
  • Some are also used for cutting or felling trees.
  • The teeth and shape of a saw dictate the purpose that it can serve.

Below is a collection tin of essential farm fit saws:

  • Circular Saw
    This is the most popular saw type. With the flexibility to give quick wood slices, it’s enough for any field type. The little amount of control that the farmers give reciprocates with an even clean cut. Lawn edging can be easily done with the help of the circular saw.
    Apart from wood, it is also made for several materials like metal and plastics. Some models have been tailored to function both manually or electrically.


  • Reciprocating Saw
    Stripping things to small chunks cannot be accomplished without the reciprocating saw. It can be useful in nicely bringing down or demolishing small farming projects.
    It is flexible enough to be bending or straightened into any angle. With the multiple blades, you can have the assurance of completing any farming project in time.


  • Jigsaw
    In modern farms, you might require this saw to perform some decorations. It’s strategically designed to give great finishes on straight surfaces.
    The ability to enable the farmer to make curves can be important in segmenting land or separating one part of a project from another.


  • Hand Saw
    With an amazing cost package, this saws cut quickly to precision. It saves the time you could take moving from one branch piece to another. It does not require the farmer to have a high level of experience in using it. This is because the blades are easy and efficient to use. The saw is two-sided with grippe handle that suits in the wood to break evenly.


  • Mitre Saw
    This kind of saw is famous for its square cuts. The miter saw conforms to a given style to make multiple cuts beautifully.
    It’s important to note that it can also perform joinery of several pieces. Its speed and precision depend on the farmer’s expertise. The miter saw produces envious angles that make tree branches suitable for any edging or lawn needs.
    It’s designed into several versions for every saw-needy farmer. Indeed, starting a new farm requires the unwavering support of the compound saw that comes with a dust bag.


  • Chainsaw
    Clearing a field can be incredibly taxing if trees and shrubs dominate it. It’s therefore important that the farmer arms himself with a chainsaw.
    He can use the manual or the electric types to get started. As you cut through the given pieces, it provides a fine finishing with little or no uneven strips.


  • Bow Saw
    When it comes to working on small fields, the farmer can use this prominent saw. It’s efficient for mini projects that need hands-on experience. They can be great in pruning as well as cutting logs and trimming trees.

A highly efficient and aggressive saw Is the number one priority that every farmer must think of It’s better to invest in valuable equipment and release your energy to harvest the best. The prudent use of a saw is a powerful way to finish essential tasks on time.



Things That Playing Table Tennis and Farming Have In Common

Sometimes it is really exciting to do a comparison that really looks odd. Farming and table tennis is a good example. Believe me, not, the two are quite different yet have a lot of similarities in the way things are done. This article gets into the deepest parts of farming and playing table tennis and unearths the similarities between the two.

To start with, playing table tennis requires that you have the specific tools for the game. In a similar manner, farming requires that you use specific tools to do the farming. For instance, the tools used in table tennis include a paddle that has a black and a red side. The ball in the game should be orange or white. A table is also required and there are specific measurements for each equipment used in the game. In farming, we have equipment like a tractor, a shovel, and a harvester. In each case, these tools perform specific purposes and their absence means the activity comes to a standoff.

Secondly, there are legal serves when each and every action is being carried out. Failure to following of these rules, the activity is not acceptable. For example, playing table tennis has a variety of rules that must be followed. When the game is starting, the ball must be resting in a palm that is open. Tossing of the ball must then follow such that the ball bounces on the server’s side and then the side of the opponent. In farming, the rules are as strict as in table tennis. You must acquire quality seeds from recognized sources. You must plant is a systematic way. Fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides must be applied in a way that is accepted by authorities to guarantee the product is safe for consumption. If the rules are not followed in both cases, the outcome is rejected.

Another similarity between the two aspects is in the output part. In both occasions, there will be a loser and a winner. Considering a person who strictly follows the rules of table tennis, all the scores by that player will be accepted ant that becomes the winner if the score is higher than that of the opponent. In farming, a farmer who applies the correct amount of fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, and other farming implements gets a harvest that is accepted. If someone does not follow the farming conventions, all the harvest is not safe for consumption and that is comparable to a loser in a table tennis game.
The eventual similarity of farming and playing table tennis is that a set of skills is required for each activity.

Table tennis requires that you master how to do forehand drive technique, backhand flick, forehand fast serve among others. Farming requires you to know how to have soil and market analytical skills, plant spacing skills, weed and pest control among other crucial skills. The above are just some of the similarities. There are still many others that require you to think hard and outside the box to identify them. However, if you are farming, follow those options, if you want to play table tennis, you have no choice but to go with the table tennis options. You cannot interchange the skills in the two activities.


Wordless Wednesday….Romping around the West Texas desert

This past weekend I rode out to Amarillo with some friends so they could attend a wedding.  While they were taking care of wedding business, some other friends come up from Lubbock and we spend the day romping around the West Texas desert.  First stop, Cadillac Ranch west of Amarillo.

First stop was Cadillac Ranch west of Amarillo

I couldn’t leave without leaving my mark @DavidHayden7

The land is God’s canvas in West Texas

It’s all fun and games until there’s a tarantula crawling up your arm.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing sandals in the west Texas desert…..

No trip to West Texas is complete without a little Herford Wrangling.

All in all last weekend’s adventure to West Texas was well worth it.  I had the company of some great friends @danibeard, @amandaInez, @craigRussell858, @RebeccaBailey28, and @JakeGankofskie.  Because we are all AgNerds the discussion on the drive home encompassed West Texas’ cotton production (since we were in the heart of cotton country) until we came across a few questions we couldn’t answer.  At this point, I turned to @JPLovesCotton and she so kindly wrote a blog about US Cotton answering my questions.  Check out where Texas ranks in national cotton production, in Janice’s latest Cotton blog!



What the heck is an Agvocate?

Picture this; Kansas City plagued by “AgNerds” from coast to coast, most meeting for the first time in “real life”, with one common trait causing this gathering……. A passion for the Agriculture industry!

Well, that happened last week.  I was fortunate enough to have been accepted to attend the AgChat Foundation’s “Agvocacy” 2.0 training (ACFC12) last week in Kansas City.  There were about 114 individuals from around the country representing all genres of the Agriculture industry.  I was finally about to put faces to the names of many people I have been communicating with through social media.

In addition to finally meeting everyone at the ACFC12, I was very fortunate and honored to have received the Chris Raines (@iTweetMeat) memorial scholarship to attend the training conference.

So what the heck is an “Agvocate”?  Well to put it plain and simple, it’s anyone who advocates for the Ag industry.  Anyone who supports the Ag industry or works to tell the Agriculture story is an “Agvocate”.

ACFC12 gave “Agvocates” insight on telling agriculture’s story face-to-face and through social media.  So why is social media important to “Agvocacy”?  Well according to social media expert Roy Morejon this year’s Oriella Digital Journalism Study over 55% of study participants gathered new information via blogs.

ACFC12 was influential to training new and old “Agvocates” the in’s and out’s of social media, blogging, and storytelling with new and innovative ways of capturing an audience and connecting with any customer of agriculture.  Well enough talk, I wanted to share a few action shots of ACFC12 with a little insight about each shot.

The early bird gathering of “Agnerds” for ACFC12

Had the opportunity to meet Marie Bowers of Oregon. She brought some mad bull riding skills with her! Giver her a follow @MariB41

Finally, put a face to @KMRivard (Kelly Rivard) who works for AdFarm in Kansas City

Ag products from coast to coast and every state in between!

Many of the “Agvocates” participated in the ACFC12 Swap meet.  Agvocates from all over brought Ag products that represented the industry.  Great insight on genres of Ag that are unique to other areas of the US.

Had my second meeting with @EBurnsThompson (Elizabeth Burns-Thompson)

The second meetup with @JPLovesCotton (Janice Person) Janice is a very inspiring Ag and travel blogger.