Air Hockey in the far – A great game to enjoy with friends and family

Purchasing an Air hockey table for your home will help you to entertain your guests that you have invited over to spend quality time. This game is very popular because anyone can gain knowledge of the rules easily and start playing within minutes. This game looks like the mini hockey rink but is more exciting as the surface of the game table comes with several small holes where air push through making the plastic puck to glide over the table. To win you have to hit the puck straight or against the sides of the table into the goal, which is located on the other edge of the playing table. This game is perfect all people regardless their ages and entertains your guest for hours.

The best thing about this game is that you can find models that give you more options, making it ideal for everyone in the room. If you require additional options but do not have additional space to put in another game table, you can purchase a pool table that also acts as an air hockey at the same time. This table will add more options to entertain the guests. The best thing about this table is that one does not need extra space for the friends to enjoy the game.

For those who are looking for Air Hockey on the farm, the internet can be a useful source. Searching for the product online will help you to select a model that you have always wanted. On the other hand, the internet offers you with many deals making it easier for you to pick a model that is cheaper than those are available in your local store. Additionally, the internet offers you with more variety when it comes to designs, color, and other specification in mind.

On the other hand, it is possible to find both new and used tables through the internet. The air hockey tables tend to be expensive depending on the brands. If you have a limited budget, it does not mean that you have to settle for less. You can find well-maintained used tables that do not compromise on functionalities. These tables are cheaper but will give you the same experience like using a new model. This will help you to save you hundreds of dollars.

When it comes to operation mechanism, you can either choose models with fan or build-in blower. Models that come with a fan blower are cheaper but do not have the best performance. On the other hand, models with the built-in blower give the player with the best experience at a cost.

The best thing about this table is that they come in different colors making it easier to find a model that meets your décor. If you love sophistication, you can go with baby blue or red hockey table. On the other hand, having a model with wood finish gives a classic look while staying functional during the game.

Any household can benefit from this game table. You can enjoy the game with your kids or let your children invite their friends over the weekend. With this table, you can have fun for many hours without getting bored. You can plan to have tournaments every weekend and invite your friends to enjoy quality time.


Reasons why farmers need a toilet and a shower

I love farming, the fact that you interact with nature improves your emotional wellbeing. However, after spending the better part of the day on the farm, you need to get rid of the soil, and agrochemicals you might have touched to avoid infections and diseases. A cold or hot shower is vital. Do you think a cold shower id better than a hot shower? It all depends on individuals’ effect. The scientific principle behind a cold shower is that it allows the blood vessels to constrict which further narrows the surface area of the blood vessels to allow pumping of more blood. This gives you instant energy due to increase energy levels. Conversely, a hot shower makes the blood vessels and the muscles to relax which aids in sweating for the same effect. Constant use of either of them will give you an idea of what works best for you.

Toilets, on the other hand, assist in the proper disposal of waste products and toxins in the body. Correct use of the toilet and body waste disposal improves the hygienic conditions of a place or a home. Imagine of a neighborhood without a toilet, it is inhabitable, of course. There are various brands of toilets available in the market, online reviews by brands is a clear indicator of advanced technology in toilet accessories and showerheads. A customer picks the best brand based on his taste and purpose of the sanitation appliances.

Toilets are showers are inseparable entities. Proper toilet practice involves washing your hands after visiting the toilet. Farming is a form of workout, at the end of a day’s work, you sweat and your entire body is sticky. In fact, you cannot be comfortable in that state you have to shower to feel fresh and rejuvenate. The question now is, which is the best shower for a farmer.

There are different shower type in the market. Your home design is the best determinant of the shower you purchase. Do you want one for the bathtub or the one for a showerhead? You do not want any other shower type that will make you have more movements, why not just sit in a bathtub and allow the heat from the shower to run over your body? This gives you all the relaxation for a farmer.

For toilets, in case you need a flush toilet then you have to have a constant flow of water and a sewerage system, otherwise, its installation will be in vain. The remote parts which are common for farming. In this case, a pit latrine is the best choice for a toilet.

The work of a farmer involves sinking your hands in the soils trying to pick the producing, weeding, harvesting or spraying herbicides, even if you opt for mechanized agriculture then you will also handle the machines using your hands. At the end of it, you are not hygienic. You need a shower. You might even hold your bladder for longer hours to ensure you are home to go to the toilet.



Wood saw uses in farming and importance of using compound saw that comes with dust bag

The saw has become an indispensable tool in homes. You can use it to cut wood, plastic, and even metals. However, you cannot cut everything with one type of a saw. In this article, we will look at some of the uses of wood saws in farming to help you to familiarize yourself on what to do with a certain saw in your farm.

The main use of saws in farming is to cut down trees to create space for farming. Generally, crops require sunlight to grow well. Having a tree at the center of your farm means that the plants will not get enough sunlight and this may lead to stunted growth. To clear the shade, you need to cut down the tree or prune it to remove most of its branches for the crops to get enough sunlight.

There are many wood saws that you can use in cutting down or pruning the trees. However, it will depend on the size of the tree we are talking about. For instance, a traditional handsaw is one of the wood saw that you could use to clear small trees from the area you have planted your crops. You can also use this saw to prune trees with smaller branches. Next is the pruning saw. This saw is designed for pruning tasks only. They are ideal for pruning the crops you are growing or surrounding smaller trees to reduce the shade. Another type of wood saw commonly used in farming is the chainsaw. This model is designed to cut tree limbs or felling entire trees. Since the saw is powered by fuel, you can cut large trees with much ease. They are also the best especially if you want to prune trees that have large branches.

Besides pruning and cutting down trees, these saws will help you to clear the branches from your garden. They are effective in cutting the branches into smaller bits that you can lift and put in your truck. If the branches are small, you can use them as firewood. On the other hand, if the branches are thick and large you can decide to make timber.

Another useful wood saw is the compound saw that comes with dust bag. These saws are used to make straight and compounds cuts. The dust bag is very useful as it collects all the dust making it easier to clean your workshop. When selecting the best wood saw to use in your home projects you need to consider the features that each model has. Some models have advanced features that make it easier to make necessary cuts while others come with fewer features making it harder to complete the same task. For instance, a compound miter saw is better than a miter saw when it comes to making precision cuts. Instead of pivoting up and down the way a miter saw cut, the blade of this model is mounted on its arm making it easier to adjust to reach complex angles. This makes them the best time savers when it comes to making angled cuts.

There are many uses of wood saws. Your best choice will entirely depend on the specific use. Additionally, when using any wood saw it is important to read the operating manual to familiarize yourself with the safety features to keep yourself safe.


Motorcycling in a farm – Keep These Potential Hazards & Safety Points In Mind

On many farms, motorcycles have become one of the leading modes of transportation. These include both two-wheeled and four-wheeled motorcycles. On farms, two-wheeled motorcycles that are ridden on farms are often referred to as ag bikes or trail bikes and four-wheeled motorcycles are referred to as all-terrain vehicles (ATV) or quads.

The motorcycles that farmers ride on a farm are specifically designed for agricultural use. For personal transportation, these motorcycles are an economical solution, but they are also used for tasks like applying chemicals and fertilizing, muster cattle and livestock, supervising field crews, transporting equipment and supplies, and much more.

However, there is a great deal of hazards involved in riding a motorcycle on a farm, whether it is a two-wheeled or a four-wheeled one. Before even discussing the potential hazards involved, farmers who opt to ride a motorcycle around on their farm should keep certain key safety points in mind.

They should make sure they are experienced and trained enough to do the job. They should choose the right motorcycle for the job, i.e. either a two-wheeled or a four-wheeled one. They should always wear a helmet and tighten the helmet up whenever riding a motorcycle on a farm.

Potential Hazards Involved In Riding Two-Wheeled Motorcycles On Farms

Those who ride a two-wheeled motorcycle on a farm usually end up injuring themselves as a result of losing control of the vehicle. There is a wide range of reasons why this may occur, but generally, it is because the rider is not experienced and skilled enough to ride a farm motorcycle, especially a two-wheeled one.

It is easy to lose control of a two-wheeled motorcycle on a farm especially when riding on grass, gravel, loose dirt, mud, sand or a wet track. Accidents may also occur when riding a two-wheeled motorcycle at high speeds on a farm, which is not recommended. The rider should also be watchful for castles and livestock, logs, overhanging branches and potholes in their way to avoid a collision.

Keeping a two-wheeled farm motorcycle well-maintained is equally important because if its suspension is not worn out, it pays to pose the risk of vibration hazard for those who ride it for long hours.

Potential Hazards Involved In Riding Four-Wheeled Motorcycles On Farms

Injuries while riding four-wheeled motorcycles on farms usually occur when the motorcycles get overturned, whether backward, forward or sideways. Most commonly, the motorcycle tends to get overturned sideways.

Injuries may also occur if:

= A rider gets in a collision with something like an overhanging branch
= The motorcycle rolls over due to a collision or moving over really steep terrain
= The rider’s leg gets caught up in the chain or rear tire.
= The rider loses control of the motorcycle, mostly likely due to riding it incorrectly.
= The seat and/or the suspension of the motorcycle are worn out.
= The motorcycle is loaded with equipment and supplies that are far too heavy for it to support.


It is true that riding two-wheeled motorcycles on farms is  far riskier and they pose the most common hazards, but riding four-wheeled ones are not any safer. In fact, safety begins with the riders themselves. Hence, they should make sure that they are experienced enough to and familiar with the motorcycle they are riding. Of course, it goes without saying, but anyone who rides a motorcycle should always wear a helmet and tighten the helmet up before they actually ride off, whether on a farm or on the road.


Wordless Wednesday….Romping around the West Texas desert

This past weekend I rode out to Amarillo with some friends so they could attend a wedding.  While they were taking care of wedding business, some other friends come up from Lubbock and we spend the day romping around the West Texas desert.  First stop, Cadillac Ranch west of Amarillo.

First stop was Cadillac Ranch west of Amarillo

I couldn’t leave without leaving my mark @DavidHayden7

The land is God’s canvas in West Texas

It’s all fun and games until there’s a tarantula crawling up your arm.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing sandals in the west Texas desert…..

No trip to West Texas is complete without a little Herford Wrangling.

All in all last weekend’s adventure to West Texas was well worth it.  I had the company of some great friends @danibeard, @amandaInez, @craigRussell858, @RebeccaBailey28, and @JakeGankofskie.  Because we are all AgNerds the discussion on the drive home encompassed West Texas’ cotton production (since we were in the heart of cotton country) until we came across a few questions we couldn’t answer.  At this point, I turned to @JPLovesCotton and she so kindly wrote a blog about US Cotton answering my questions.  Check out where Texas ranks in national cotton production, in Janice’s latest Cotton blog!



What the heck is an Agvocate?

Picture this; Kansas City plagued by “AgNerds” from coast to coast, most meeting for the first time in “real life”, with one common trait causing this gathering……. A passion for the Agriculture industry!

Well, that happened last week.  I was fortunate enough to have been accepted to attend the AgChat Foundation’s “Agvocacy” 2.0 training (ACFC12) last week in Kansas City.  There were about 114 individuals from around the country representing all genres of the Agriculture industry.  I was finally about to put faces to the names of many people I have been communicating with through social media.

In addition to finally meeting everyone at the ACFC12, I was very fortunate and honored to have received the Chris Raines (@iTweetMeat) memorial scholarship to attend the training conference.

So what the heck is an “Agvocate”?  Well to put it plain and simple, it’s anyone who advocates for the Ag industry.  Anyone who supports the Ag industry or works to tell the Agriculture story is an “Agvocate”.

ACFC12 gave “Agvocates” insight on telling agriculture’s story face-to-face and through social media.  So why is social media important to “Agvocacy”?  Well according to social media expert Roy Morejon this year’s Oriella Digital Journalism Study over 55% of study participants gathered new information via blogs.

ACFC12 was influential to training new and old “Agvocates” the in’s and out’s of social media, blogging, and storytelling with new and innovative ways of capturing an audience and connecting with any customer of agriculture.  Well enough talk, I wanted to share a few action shots of ACFC12 with a little insight about each shot.

The early bird gathering of “Agnerds” for ACFC12

Had the opportunity to meet Marie Bowers of Oregon. She brought some mad bull riding skills with her! Giver her a follow @MariB41

Finally, put a face to @KMRivard (Kelly Rivard) who works for AdFarm in Kansas City

Ag products from coast to coast and every state in between!

Many of the “Agvocates” participated in the ACFC12 Swap meet.  Agvocates from all over brought Ag products that represented the industry.  Great insight on genres of Ag that are unique to other areas of the US.

Had my second meeting with @EBurnsThompson (Elizabeth Burns-Thompson)

The second meetup with @JPLovesCotton (Janice Person) Janice is a very inspiring Ag and travel blogger.


The Importance of Food Science

Many may ask why food science is important?  Food Science has a hand in every product that is consumed.  I’d like to hit a few highlights that may unveil why we need food science within the industry.

The world has progressed through hunter-gatherer, agricultural, and industrial stages to being a provider of goods and services.  Along the way, our reliance on a stable food supply has increased dramatically.  This started with the domestication of plants and animals in order to feed our ever growing population which has now reach nearly 7 billion! The majority of the population are no longer connected to their food nor are they familiar with general agriculture production practices that make food so readily available.  Funny how things always seem back to agriculture.

The commitment of food science and technology professionals is to advance the science of food, all the while ensuring a safe and abundant food supply and contributing to a healthier people everywhere.  The research involved with the food industry encompasses many different disciplines including but not limited to the American farmer, biotechnologists, chemists, geneticists, microbiologists, nutritionists, sensory scientists all the way down to grocers.

It’s pretty amazing how far the food industry has come throughout the years.  Not only can consumers drive up to a window for a quick meal, but have the choice of purchasing a huge array of shelf-stable foods that were not available 100+ years ago (many 15-20 years ago).  Food scientists have made huge advances in preservation, so food is readily available, microbial control, to inhibit the growth of pathogens and micro organisms to ensure a safe food supply and genetics so yields are higher so it takes less land to feed more people.  This is imperative with today’s ever growing population.

Food processing and science have evolved to make food the basis of a healthy civilization, help society overcome hunger and disease, and improve safety, nutrition, convenience, affordability and availability of foods.

I challenge you to take a look next time you are in the grocery store and think about where your favorite product comes from. Think about what was involved in making your favorite product and all of the testing and efforts that were conducted to ensure the safety, healthfulness, and wholesomeness of that product.  Not only thank a farmer next time you see them but thank a food scientist as well.