Reasons why farmers need a toilet and a shower

I love farming, the fact that you interact with nature improves your emotional wellbeing. However, after spending the better part of the day on the farm, you need to get rid of the soil, and agrochemicals you might have touched to avoid infections and diseases. A cold or hot shower is vital. Do you think a cold shower id better than a hot shower? It all depends on individuals’ effect. The scientific principle behind a cold shower is that it allows the blood vessels to constrict which further narrows the surface area of the blood vessels to allow pumping of more blood. This gives you instant energy due to increase energy levels. Conversely, a hot shower makes the blood vessels and the muscles to relax which aids in sweating for the same effect. Constant use of either of them will give you an idea of what works best for you.

Toilets, on the other hand, assist in the proper disposal of waste products and toxins in the body. Correct use of the toilet and body waste disposal improves the hygienic conditions of a place or a home. Imagine of a neighborhood without a toilet, it is inhabitable, of course. There are various brands of toilets available in the market, online reviews by brands is a clear indicator of advanced technology in toilet accessories and showerheads. A customer picks the best brand based on his taste and purpose of the sanitation appliances.

Toilets are showers are inseparable entities. Proper toilet practice involves washing your hands after visiting the toilet. Farming is a form of workout, at the end of a day’s work, you sweat and your entire body is sticky. In fact, you cannot be comfortable in that state you have to shower to feel fresh and rejuvenate. The question now is, which is the best shower for a farmer.

There are different shower type in the market. Your home design is the best determinant of the shower you purchase. Do you want one for the bathtub or the one for a showerhead? You do not want any other shower type that will make you have more movements, why not just sit in a bathtub and allow the heat from the shower to run over your body? This gives you all the relaxation for a farmer.

For toilets, in case you need a flush toilet then you have to have a constant flow of water and a sewerage system, otherwise, its installation will be in vain. The remote parts which are common for farming. In this case, a pit latrine is the best choice for a toilet.

The work of a farmer involves sinking your hands in the soils trying to pick the producing, weeding, harvesting or spraying herbicides, even if you opt for mechanized agriculture then you will also handle the machines using your hands. At the end of it, you are not hygienic. You need a shower. You might even hold your bladder for longer hours to ensure you are home to go to the toilet.